Never Lose Any Information You’ve Copied on the Web

Clipboard Archive is an easy-to-use free chrome extension that will directly help you track your clipboard history and free your time from searching the source.
copy paste chrome extension

Manage your Clipboard History with a Single Click

Clipboard Archive helps you to manage your Clipboard history so that you never have to worry about losing the source of the text when copy-pasting.

You can also segment your clipboard by adding favourites to the ones you frequently rely on. 


One Extension, Multiple Benefits

Page Source

Redirect to the source of the copied  text in a single click  

Delete Clipboard

The tool helps you in redirecting to the source page from which the 

Character Length

Know the length of the character by simply copying the text from the web. 


Safe & Secure Data

We don’t store any of your personal or private information in our database, all of the clipboard data is stored in your local system.

Search Bar

Don’t worry if your clipboard is overflowing. We have a search bar that allows you to search for the lost context.


We’ve made it easier for you to access your favourite clips from a context menu for input fields. 

Why Our Customers Love Forgetting

Lakshmanan Raman


A simple UI and a very useful chrome extension. The best part is it works in the background, and store everything you have copies over time. Gives you access to things you missed sharing as well later on. Kudos team. Looking forward to future updates.

Tony Pete


Useful in finding out character count, page source of each copied clip and works well : ) good one

Thomsontoday ng


It is very helpful to save anything, i want to review later. nice tool

No more a Nightmare to find the source of the text that
you copied on the Web😱